Atypical Presentation of Medullary Syndrome in a Young Woman

Geetanjali Sharma

Page: 6-11
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Sequential Approach to Differential Diagnosis of TMJ Disorder from Other Oro Facial Muscles Pain – A Systematic Review

Rajwinder Singh Brar, Anshu Singh, Nivedita Gautam, Natasha Bathla, Jenny Lalmalsawmi Sailo, Surbhi Abrol, Farhat Jabeen

Page: 33-41
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Prevalence and Causes of Undernutrition among Under-five Sudanese Children: A Mini-review

Shaza O. H. Kanan, Abd Elmoneim O. Elkhalifa

Page: 12-20
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Role of Gene Polymorphism in TNF Alpha Expression and Outcome in Surgical Patients

E. Vimalakar Reddy, V. Suresh, Ram Mohan, Annie Q. Hassan, G. R. Prasad, G. Satyanarayana

Page: 1-5
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Epidemiological Profile of Patients Seen at a Health Specialty Outpatient Clinic in an Amazon Region

Daniele Melo Sardinha, Pedrinha do Socorro Castro dos Prazeres, Rubenilson Caldas Valois, Erivelton do Carmo Baia, Gabriel Fazzi Costa, Juliana Conceição Dias Garcez, Diana da Costa Lobato, Lidiane Assunção de Vasconcelos, Ana Lúcia da Silva Ferreira, Eimar Neri de Oliveira Junior, Ana Gracinda Ignácio da Silva

Page: 21-32
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Patterns of Scrotal Sonographic Findings in Suspected Subfertile Males in Enugu, Nigeria

Emeka Kevin Mgbe Emeka Kevin Mgbe, Enyeribe Chuks Ajare, Philip Okere

Page: 48-56
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Effect of Health Education on Malaria Control Practices among Mothers of Under-Five Children in a Rural Nigerian Community

Ilo Ijeoma J., Uchenwoke Chigozie I., Madukaife Chinwe H., Umeh Anthony U., Okolie Stella I., Obasieke Patrick E., Ehiemere Ijeoma O.

Page: 57-67
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Tracheostomy Timing in Adult Patients with Head Injury at King Abdulaziz Medical City Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Cross Sectional- Retrospective Study)

Farhan Alenazi, Prachi Dilip Tambur, Noora Nabeel Mumenah, Haya Hendi Alqahtani, Rawan Abdulrazaq Alenazi, Ruba Naif Almutiri, Winnie Philip

Page: 68-74
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Comparative Study between Spinal Anesthesia and Lumbar Plexus Block for Intraoperative Anesthesia and Postoperative Analgesia in Fracture Femur Surgery

Mohamed G. Naeem, Naglaa K. Mohammed, Reda S. Abd Elrahman, Osama M. Shalaby

Page: 75-84
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A Review on Placental Tuberculosis

Nupur Trivedi, Deepti Gupta, Ruchika Sood, Arti Singh, Anjali Tewari, Shefali Agarwal, Asha Agarwal

Page: 42-47
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Awareness and Early Detection of Ante Natal Clinic Attendees towards Breast Cancer at a Tertiary Hospital in South – South Nigeria

S. Eli, D. G. B. Kalio, F. E. Aaron, N. A. E. Okeji, K. E. Okagua, P. N. Wichendu, J. O. Omodu

Page: 85-86
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Obstructed Labour and Maternal Outcome at the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital: A Ten Year Review

S. Eli, E. Nonye- Enyida, D. G. B. Kalio, D. S. Abam, K. Okagua

Page: 87-88
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Religion, Culture and Medicine Analysis of Female Genital Mutilation amongst 84 Antenatal Clinic Attendees at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital

S. Eli, D. G. B. Kalio, N. C. T. Briggs, K. E. Okagua

Page: 89-90
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Access to Contraception amongst Female Adolescents: Rivers State Study

S. Eli, D. G. B. Kalio, K. Okagua, C. E. Enyindah, D. S. Abam

Page: 91-92
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