Bilateral Transolecranon Fracture-Dislocation Elbow with Bilateral Coronoid and Radial Head Fractures – A Rare Complex Elbow Injury: A Case Report and Review of Literature

A. Raviraj, K. Abhishek Sugumar, Vidyasagar Maalepati, Vivek Kumar N. Savsani, Viresh B. Murgodi, Ashish Anand

Page: 67-73
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Acroischemia in a Patient with Tracheostomy in COVID-19: A Case Report

Bhagyashree Sagane, Shivakumar Divity, Yogesh G. Dabholkar

Page: 39-43
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COVID-19 and Its Implications in Dental Care

H. Inegbenosun, E. P. Ofiri, C. C. Azodo

Page: 53-57
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Efficacy of Fluid Administration Followed by Lung Sonography in Hemodynamic Assessment in Acute Circulatory Failure in Critically Ill Patients

Ahmed M. Elkashef, Mohamad G. Elmawy, Mohamed A. Eltomey, Ashraf E. Elzeftawy, Ahmed M. Hamed

Page: 1-9
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The Importance of the Physical Therapist’s Performance in the Family Health Support Center

Douglas Castanheira Barros de Sa, Sara Resplande Magalhães, Hyslla Marianna Coelho Azevedo, Ramônica Garcia Lopes, Amanda Aguiar Barros, Agrinazio Geraldo Nascimento Neto, Wellington Carlos Da Silva, Daniela Santos Do Nascimento, Murillo de Sousa Reis, Yasmim Souza Silva, Fabio Alves dos Santos, Lara Alves Moura, Lucas Alexandre Sandres Da Silva, Maisa Adriele Nalves da Silva

Page: 44-52
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Asymptomatic Cardiovascular Disorders in a Cohort of Clinically Stable Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in South Eastern Nigeria: A Cross Sectional Study

Chidiebele M. Ezeude, Uchenna N. Ijoma, Ogonna C. Oguejiofor, Ekenechukwu E. Young, Chidinma B. Nwatu, Belonwu M. Onyenekwe, Chidiebere V. Ugwueze

Page: 58-66
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Effect of Tiger Nut Meal on Some Sex Hormones and Sperm Cells in Androgen-induced Benign Prostate Hyperplasia in Adult Male Wistar Rats

D. I. Izunwanne, J. N. Egwurugwu, C. L. Emegano

Page: 74-82
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Laboratory Diagnosis of COVID-19 Infection: Current Issues and Challenges: An Indian Perspective

Aroop Mohanty, Ankita Kabi, Ambika Prasad Mohanty, Nitish Kumar, Subodh Kumar

Page: 10-17
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