Flummoxed Presentation of Paratyphoid Fever: A Case Report

Shadan Akhtar, Lenah Bashir, Bashir A. Fomda, Yawar Nissar

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Perceptions and Intent to Promote Exclusive Breastfeeding by Significant Others in Umuokanne Community Imo State, Nigeria

O. I. Douglas, S. N. O. Ibe, C. R. Nwufo

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Factors Affecting Age of Onset of Menopause at Child Birth, Birth Control of Nigerian Women

Ojeka Sunday Ogbu, Zabbey Victor Zigabelbari, Saronee Friday

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Sleep Quality and Perception of the Disease in Fibromyagic Patients at the School of Physiotherapy Clinic of Gurupi University

Rafaela de Carvalho Alves, Eliara Firmina Alves Maria Silva, Leivia Lima de Morais, Lara Ponce Brito, Elizangela Sofia Ribeiro Rodrigues, Anny Pires de Freitas Rossone, Jacqueline Aparecida Philipino Takada, Geovane Rossone Reis, Janne Marques Silveira, Marcella Soares Carreiro Sales, Sávia Denise Silva Carlotto Herrera, Florence Germaine Tible Lainscek, Amanda Aguiar Barros, Victor Rodrigues Nepomuceno

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Intimate Esthetics: Radiofrequency and the Vitamin C Association

Florence Germaine Tible Lainscek, Áller Pires da Silva, Amaraina Maia Armiato, Sávia Denise Silva Carlotto Herrera, Larissa dos Santos Nascimento Oliveira, Rafaela de Carvalho Alves, Elcyane Bechara Santos Lacerda, Argentina França Buarque Machado, Andrielly dos Santos Pereira, Joaquim Celito Lopes Batista

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