Pleomorphic Adenoma of a Minor Salivary Gland of the Hard Palate Report of a Case

M. Chandra Sekhar, D. Ayesha Thabusum, M. Charitha, G. Chandrasekhar, K. Sai Dharani

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The Significance of ‘Non-Significant’ Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid (MSAF): Colour versus Contents

Mareike Bolten, Edwin Chandraharan

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Correlation between Lycopene Intake and Blood Pressure in Healthy Adults from Celaya, Mexico

Dania Concepción Contreras-Ponce, Nicolas Padilla-Raygoza, Cuauhtemoc Sandoval-Salazar, Esther Ramirez-Moreno, Xochitl Sofia Ramirez-Gomez

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Effects of Diabetogenic Agent Streptozotocin on Hematological Parameters of Wistar Albino Rats “An Experimental Study”

Akhtar Ali, Shehla Shaheen, Zahida Memon, Faiza Agha, Moazzam Ali Shahid, Nisha Zahid

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Relationship between Placental Location, Blood Group, Genotype and Parity in Port Harcourt Women

K. S. Ordu, M. A. Amadi, M. C. Ogbonda

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Examining Our Laboratory Results Through Participation in Multinational Material Exchange Studies

G. A. Ebughe

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Breast Cancer Computer-aided Diagnosis System from Digital Mammograms

Abdulhameed Alkhateeb

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