Early Infection of Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty with Salmonella typhi: Case Report and Review of Literature

A. Raviraj, Maalepati Vidya Sagar, Azhar Amin, Sanjay Pai, Venkatdeep Mohan, Ashish Anand

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Low Prevalence of Asymptomatic Malaria in Pregnancy among Subjects Attending Antenatal Clinic at a Tertiary Hospital in Bauchi, Nigeria: A Preliminary Report

A. S. Kadas, K. O. Okon, M. Alkali, Y. B. Jibrin, S. T. Balogun, M. A. Baffa, L. M. Dattijo, A. Shehu, C. Chama

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Factors Related to Deaths of under 5 Years Old Children in Dar Alsalam Area-Khartoum-Sudan

Asma Abdelaal Abdalla, Christina Nagi Milad, Siham Ahmed Balla, Haieder Abuahmed Mohamed, Mohamed Ali Awad Elkarim

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Zinc Supplementation as Adjunctive Therapy in Adults with Tuberculosis in Calabar, Nigeria: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Regina I. Ejemot-Nwadiaro, Edisua H. Itam, Emmanuel N. Ezedinachi

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The Effectiveness of Social Cognitive Theory-based Educational Intervention on School Children’s Breakfast Consumption

Amin Mirzaei, Fazlollah Ghofranipour, Zeinab Ghazanfari

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Some Effects of Crude Aqueous Extracts of Hibiscus sabdariffa Leaves on the Testes and Sperm Parameters of Adult Male Wistar Rats (Rattus norelegicus)

A. Ashamu Ebenezer, A. Oyeniran David, T. Awora Koyinsola, O. T. Olayemi, O. Oyewo Olutoyi

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Antiplasmodial, Antipyretic, Haematological and Histological Effects of the Leaf Extracts of Moringa oleifera in Plasmodium berghei berghei Infected Mice

O. Olaniran, F. C. Adetuyi, F. O. Omoya, S. A. Odediran, R. E. Hassan-olajokun, E. A. Awoyeni, B. W. Odetoyin, A. Adesina, A. Awe, R. A. Bejide, Odujoko O, L. O. Akinyemi, O. O. Oyetoke, D. O. Afolayan

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Hepatitis D Virus: An Overview for Dentists

Nima Mahboobi, Stephen R. Porter, Mario Rizzetto, Seyed Moayed Alavian

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