Tobacco Snuff Induced Organ Weight Changes

C. I. Ugbor, L. O. Okonkwo, A. O. Nwaopara, N. J. Duhu, E. I. Odo

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Evaluation of Vitamin E and Selenium Levels in Breast Cancer Patients in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria

A. E. Ben-Chioma, I. Elekima

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Comparison of the Effects of E. coli STa with E. coli LT, Clostridium difficile Toxin A and Osmotic Burdens on Small Intestinal Fluid Transport: Additional Proof that STa is Not a Secretory Enterotoxin

M. L. Lucas, S. Frame, S. Wheeler, A. H. Currie, A. Sheidaee, S. M. Reza, S. Fee, G. Li, C. J. R. Turkington, E. McNaughton

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Prevalence and Associated Factors of Unsafe Abortion among Women of Reproductive Age Group in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2017: A Community-based Cross-sectional Study

Tesfamichael G. Mariam, Senetsuhef Melkamu, Fisseha Yetwale, Medina Abdela, Mehammed Adem Getnet

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Eye Care Cadre Utilization and Knowledge about Eye Care Professionals among University Students in Calabar, Nigeria

Bassey A. Etim, Affiong A. Ibanga, Martha-Mary E. Udoh, Sunday N. Okonkwo, Chineze T. Agweye, Utam A. Utam, Egbula N. Eni

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