Lateral Incisor: Overtaking Others from behind

Jakati Sanjeev, Patil Sayam

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Gouty Tophi in Lumbar Region that Mimicked Chondrosarcoma, a Case Report

Nicasio Arriada, Juan Pablo González-Mosqueda, Katiuzka Casares-Cruz, Jose Luis Soto-Hernandez, Martha Lilia Tena-Suck

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Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Demonstrate Higher Levels of Non-cholesterol Sterol Markers of Endogenous Cholesterol Synthesis

Miroslav Prucha, Petr Sedivy, Petr Stadler, Ladislava Dubská, Frantisek Pehal, Josef Hyanek

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Motivation, Career Aspirations and Reasons for Choice of Medical School among First Year Medical Students in Ogun State, Nigeria

T. Ashipa, M. R. Akinyinka, W. Alakija

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Relationship between Diabetes Education and Glycaemic Indicators of Patients in Diabetes Care Units at Three Hospitals, Khartoum State - Sudan

Siham Ahmed Balla, Sulaf Ibrahim Abdelaziz, Khitma Abdelgadir Mohamed Ali, Nazik Mahmoud Abdelaal Abdeldafia, Kamil Mirghani Ali Shaaban

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Clinical and Demographical Characteristics of Turkish Patients with Lichen Planus Pigmentosus

Ayşe Akbaş, Fadime Kilinç, Sertaç Şener, Huban Sibel Orhun, Akin Aktaş

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A Cardiac Mouse Model for Nongenomic Mineralocorticoid Receptor Effects

Sabrina Winter, Barbara Schreier, Ulrich Gergs, Claudia Grossmann, Sindy Rabe, Igor B. Buchwalow, Michael Gekle, Joachim Neumann

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