Ascending Urethrogram and Sonourethrogram in Evaluation of Male Anterior Urethra

V. N. S. Dola, S. Konduru, A. Ameeral, P. Maharaj, B. Sa, Ramesh Rao, Suresh Rao

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Endocrown-A Unique Way of Retention-Case Report

B. Sunil Rao, Siddhesh Bandekar, Shirin Kshirsagar, Shah Naman

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Concurrent Prediabetes and Prehypertension in a Rural Community in South East Nigeria

C. B. Nwatu, E. E. Young, C. C. Okwara, C. E. Okoli, P. C. Obi, O. B. Anyim, B. C. Ubani, C. I. Okafor, J. M. Oli

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Treatment of Refractory Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis by Ultrasound Guided Injection of Autologus Stem Cells versus Autologus Whole Blood

Osama Abuel Naga, Ahmed Mohamad Othman, Islam Hassan Hegazy, Manal Ahmed El Telbany, Hazem Ibrahim Korashi

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Differentiation of Hemodynamics of Top Athletes Depending on Heart Rate Variability after Training

Oksana Guzii, Alexander Romanchuk

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Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease in Relatives of Patients with Advanced Renal Disease in a Nigerian Tertiary Hospital

Monday O. Ogiator, EmmanueI I. Agaba, Oche O. Agbaji, Vivian N. Shaahu

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Lifestyle Modification and Adherence: An Inseparable Measure in Hypertension Control

Uwaegbulem, Mirian Nkeiruka

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