Management of Odontogenic Abscess in Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia: 5 Case Reports

Mutombo Mutombo Alphonse, Nyimi Bushabu Fidele, Kanyana Makolo Dany, Ngueji Kakubu Olivier, Mantshumba Milolo Augustin, Suwal Rubina

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The Morphology of the Lumbosacral Articular Processes in Adult Chinese and Its Biomechanical Implication

Li-Qiang Xin, Yu-Jun Xia, Qing-Ping Ma

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Bayesian Joint Modelling of Survival of HIV/AIDS Patients Using Accelerated Failure Time Data and Longitudinal CD4 Cell Counts

Markos Abiso Erango, Ayele Taye Goshu, Gemeda Bedaso Buta, Ahmed Hassen Dessiso

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Renal Insulin Sensitizing Effect of Exenatide in a High-fat Diet Obesity Rat Model

Vivian Boshra, Wagdi Elkashef

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Computerized Tomography Imaging Features of Head Injury in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital

D. U. Itanyi, H. O. Kolade-Yunusa

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Burden of Care and Quality of Life among Caregivers of Stroke Survivors: Influence of Clinical and Demographic Variables

Hosea Boakye, Afiriyie Nsiah, Ajediran Idowu Bello, Jonathan N. A. Quartey

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Health-Related Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Evanthia Konstantaki, Pantelis Perdikaris, Vasiliki Matziou

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