Anterior Maxilla Rehabilitation with Implants, Subepithelial Connective Tissue and Alloplastic Bone Grafts: A Case Report

André Gustavo Paleari, Cristina Dupim Presoto, Gabriela Mayara Oliveira Nascimento, Luiz Antônio Borelli Barros, Ana Carolina Pero, Marco Antonio Compagnoni

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Risk Factors of Genital Tract Lacerations at Yaoundé Central Hospital - Cameroon: A Case Control Study

Florent Ymele Fouelifack, Félix Essiben, Lovlyne Tchoutouo Kemadjou, Jeanne Hortence Fouedjio, Jovanny Tsuala Fouogue, Robinson Enow Mbu

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Family Risk of Metabolic Disorder; A Parameter for Timely Screening of Vascular Endothelial Health

Preeti Kanawjia, Sunita Tiwari, Manish Bajpai

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Staged Treatment for Childhood Obesity in a Medical Home: A Feasibility Study

Linessa Zuniga, Stephanie A. Marton, Heidi Schwarzwald, Angelo P. Giardino, Sarah E. Barlow

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Prevalence of Rotavirus Infection in Infants and Young Children with Gastroenteritis in Two North-East States, Nigeria

Samuel O. Oyinloye, John Idika, Mahdi Abdullahi, Mohammed A. Lawan, Abdulrazak Dahiru, Aisha Salihu

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Prevalence, Isolation and Detection of Virulent Gene in Escherichia coli from Duck

Showmitra Majumder, Most. Mousumi Akter, Md. Monowarul Islam, Khalid Hussain, Shobhan Das, Imam Hasan, K. H. M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir, Marzia Rahman

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Papillary Thyroid Cancer: A Histopathological Review in Accra, Ghana

E. M. Der, S. B. Naaeder, J. N. Dakubo, R. K. Gyasi

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