Scalp Metastasis from Thyroid Carcinoma 12 Years Post-thyroidectomy: Clinical and Ethical Lessons

M. O. Udoh, D. F. Mekoma, C. Osime, U. O. Igbokwe

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Ochrobactrum anthropi - An Unusual Cause of Line Related Sepsis. Current Knowledge of the Epidemiology and Clinical Features of This Pathogen

Guillermo Jimenez, Suresh Antony

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Why Endometriosis Causes Infertility?

Swati Agrawal, Kumar Jayant

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Evaluation of the Selected Root-to-Crown Ratio of Crowned Teeth in a Hospital Setting: A Cross-sectional Study

Amanda Kung, Andrew Kelvin Lam, Ni Fung Lay, Jennifer Leung, Yung-Ming Lim, Jaafar Abduo

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Hepatitis B Virus Total Core Antibodies among HIV-1 Infected Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Negative Patients Attending a Tertiary Health Facility in North-central Nigeria

A. J. Anejo-Okopi, T. M. Akindigh, N. Markus, D. S. Adeniyi, O. J. Abba, A. O. Ebonyi, E. Ejeliogu, O. Audu, P. Lar, H. J. Zumbes, E. S. Isa, S. Oguche

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Assessment of Oral Health Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among Medical Students of Taibah University in Madinah, KSA

Raghdah O. Mulla, Ola M. Omar

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Non-traditional Relationship between Carotid Intima-media Thickness and Mean Platelet Volume, Serum Magnesium and 25-OH-Vitamin D3 Level in Chronic Kidney Disease

Refika Karaer, Saime Paydaş, Kairgeldy Aikimbaev, Damla Karacor, Mustafa Balal, Nurten Dikmen

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Factors Associated with Preference for Caesarean Section among Women in the Ante-Natal Clinic of a Tertiary Hospital in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. A Pilot Study

Eme Olukemi Asuquo, Ngozi Clare Orazulike, Emmanuel Chimatara Onyekwere, Jennifer Nyerhovwo Odjegba, Agbonose Ikeoghene Ojo, Joseph Amarachi Ogbansiegbe

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Neuropsychological and Related Clinical Features Associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Latent Class Analysis

David J. Libon, Joel Eppig, Deborah A. G. Drabick, Kirsten Erwin, Christine Annibali, Lynn Durmala, Aaron Bloch, Jacqueline Donohue, Rodney Swenson, Guillermo M. Alexander, Enrique Aradillas, B. Lee Peterlin, Robert J. Schwartzman

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High-throughput Sequencing and Profiling of Antibody Repertoire and the Promises for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

Anteneh Getachew, Malaiyarasa Pandian

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