A Case of Chronic Aortic Dissection with Medial Calcification

Soki Kurumisawa, Shin-Ichi Ohki, Yoshio Misawa

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Gaps and Opportunities in Various Aspects and Treatment/Management of Distal Radius Fractures

Gladius Lewis

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Comparison of Imaging Quality between 2D Synthesised Mammograms Reconstructed from Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and 2D Full-field Digital Mammograms

Johannes Peters, Gudrun Peters, Debra Ardath Meerkotter, Katie Daniels, Jonathan Shulman

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Protective Role of Walnut Seeds Extract and Vitamin E against Testicular Toxicity Induced by Cyclophosphamide in Male Rats

Aml F. Elgazar

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Obesity in Adolescents: Assessment by DXA Scan and Skinfold Thickness Equations

Wagner L. Ripka, Lucas M. Beraldo, Leandra Ulbricht, Timothy Bungun, Pedro M. Gewehr

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Prevalence of Hypertension Stages and the Main Risk Factors in Khartoum Locality, Sudan, 2014

Asma Abdelaal Abdalla, Siham Ahmed Balla, Mohamed Salah Ahmed Mohamed, Hind Mamoun Behairy, Naiema Abdalla Waqialla Fahal, Dina Ahmed Hassan Ibrahim, Maha Ismail Mohamed, Ibtisam Ahmed Ali

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The Effect of Geothermal Water on Skin Condition and Body Fat

Lolita Rapolienė

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Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dental Students – A Qualitative Study

Cristina Dupim Presoto, Danielle Wajngarten, Patrícia Petromilli Nordi Sasso Garcia

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The WHO FRAX Calculator with and without BMD as an Indicator of Low BMD in Pakistani Women

Madeeha Sadiq, Nuzhat Hassan, Sajid Sattar, Rubina Hussain, Maaz Naqvi

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It is Time for More Research into Umbilical Cord Stem Cells as a Potential Treatment in Neurological Diseases

Léder Leal Xavier, Carolina Gomes da Silveira Cauduro, Bianca Zanette de Albuquerque, Pedro Marchiori Cacilhas, Fabrizio Loth, Ana Paula Franco Lambert, Pamela Brambilla Bagatini, Karolyn Sassi Ogliari, Régis Gemerasca Mestriner

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