Management of Ankylogossia by Frenectomy- A Case Report

Meghna Singh, Ashish Saini, Pranav Kumar Singh, Charu Tandon, Snehlata Verma, Tanu Tewari

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A Rare Presentation of Signet Ring Squamous Cells in Ectocervical Squamous Epithelium Causing Diagnostic Difficulty in Reporting Cervical Intra-Epithelial Neoplasia

K. M. Rajyaguru, Ahmad Zakuan, S. I. Shahruddin

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Identification of Candidate Biomarkers and Cancer Genes AHNAK2 and EPPK1 in Pancreatic Cancer

Alex Smith, Logan Poole, Kavita Dhanwada, Nalin C. W. Goonesekere

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Relationship among Eating Behavior, Effortful Control, and Personality Traits in Japanese Students: Cross-sectional Study

Katsumasa Momoi, Kumiko Ohara, Katsuyasu Kouda, Tomoki Mase, Chiemi Miyawaki, Tomoko Fujitani, Yoshimitsu Okita, Rumiko Murayama, Harunobu Nakamura

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The Study of Uric Acid Levels in Primary Hypertension without End Organ Damage

A. K. Badrinath, K. Suresh, Harresh .

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Comparison of PMMA Bone Cement Dosage Used in Vertebroplasty and Balloon Kyphoplasty: A Meta-analysis of Data from Randomized Controlled Trials

Gladius Lewis, Fabian Fiege, Robert McKee

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General Psychological Profile in Malaysia University Students Who Practise Archery

Suthahar Ariaratnam, Adlina Suleiman, Ambigga Devi Krishnapillai, Nurul Atiqah Amran

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Improvement in Cardiovascular Risk Markers with Glimepiride in Non Obese Subjects with Pre Diabetes: Similar to Obese Cohort Treated with Metformin

Reshma Esmail, Udaya Manohar Kabadi

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Classic Genotypes of the ACE Gene do Not Interfere in Blood Pressure Responses to Reactivity Test in Male Adolescents

José Fernando Vila Nova de Moraes, Orlando Laitano, Marcelo Magalhães Sales, Sérgio Rodrigues Moreira, Sérgio Rodrigues Moreira, Ferdinando Oliveira Carvalho, Vinicius Carolino de Souza, Otávio de Toledo Nóbrega, Carmen Silvia Grubert Campbell

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The Use of Magnification and Work Posture in Dentistry – A Literature Review

D. Wajngarten, P. P. N. S. Garcia

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