Steatocystoma Multiplex Limited to the Vulva: Report of a Very Rare Case Successfully Treated by a Simple Surgical Method

Selda Pelin Kartal, Engin Sezer, Murat Alper, Muzeyyen Gonul

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Peripheral Cemento-ossifying Fibroma -treatment and Follow Up of a Recurrent Case

Sonu Acharya, Pradip Kumar Mandal, Sheetal Acharya

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Profile of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Observed in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire): A Report about 17 Cases

Mohamed Diomandé, Abidou Kawélé Coulibaly, Ehaulier Soh Christian Louis Kouakou, Joe Clovis Yao, Cyprien Kouakou, Mariam Gbané-Koné, Baly Ouattara, Kouassi Jean Mermoze Djaha, Edmond Eti, Jean Claude Daboiko, Marcel N’zué Kouakou

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Haematological and Kidney Function Indices of Piliostigma thonningii Leaf Extract Administration Following Pefloxacin Induced Toxicity in Wistar Rats

Kayode Dasofunjo, Atamgba A. Asuk, Obem O. Okwari, Mary Oli

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Ex vivo Analysis of Three Electronic Apex Locators Accuracy with Different Settings

Antonio Batista, Gilson Blitzkow Sydney, Marili Doro Andrade Deonizio, Thais Cristina Pereira, Carolina Carvalho de Oliveira Santos, Bruno Cavalini Cavenago

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Prevalence and Pattern of Impacted Teeth in the North-East China

Nyimi Bushabu Fidele, Sekele Isouradi Bourley, Em Kalala Kazadi, Duan Feng, C. Mfutu Mana, P. Bobe Alifi, J. Bolenge Ileboso, P. Muyembi Muinaminayi, Guan Jian, A. Mantshumba Milolo

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Escitalopram Usage Pattern in India: A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey among Indian Psychiatrists

Deepak Mansharamani, Sunil Awana, Gorla Jagannath, Juzer Ali, Neel Jayesh Shah, Onkar C. Swami

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Occurrences of Idiopathic Congenital Talipes Equinovarus at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Thomas Abebrese

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Technological Tools for Observational Evaluation - the Experience with the Software for Functional Evaluation Scale for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – A Pilot Study Software for Observational Evaluation

Priscila Santos Albuquerque, Fatima Aparecida Caromano, Mariana Callil Voos, Francis Meire Favero, Thiago Saikali Farcic

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The Effect of Breast Feeding on Eruption of First Primary Tooth in a Group of 6-12 Month Saudi Children

Raghd A. M. Al-Ansari, Nadia M. M. Farrag

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Biology of Tooth Movement

Anand Sabane, Amol Patil, Vinit Swami, Preethi Nagarajanq

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