Globotriaosylceramide (GL-3) Accumulation in the Renal Biopsy of a 1-year-old Patient with Fabry Disease and Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction

D. Ripeau, F. Masllorens, N. Lago, H. Amartino, J. I. Bortagaray, H. A. Repetto

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Effect of Depressive Mood on NK Cells in Patients with Pancreatic Tumor – Pilot Study

Jindřich Kopecký, Ladislav Slováček, Birgita Slováčková, Zuzana Šinkorová, Jiří Knížek, Stanislav Filip, Petronela Trojanová, Ondřej Kubeček, Otakar Kopecký

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Beneficial Effects of Ascorbic Acid and Alpha-tocopherol on the Locomotor Functional Recovery of Spinal Cord Injured Rats

A. Alwin Robert, S. Sheik Abdullah

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Medicinal Plants for Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice by Community of Attars (Traditional Healers) of Several Urban Areas in Mazandaran Province, Northern of Iran

Moloud Fakhri, Mohammad Azadbakht, Seyede Seddigheh Yousefi, Seyyed Nuraldin Mousavinasab, Roya Farhadi, Masoud Azadbakht

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Oxidative Stress in Ghanaians Presenting with Prostate Cancer

C. K. Gyasi-Sarpong, Idriss Ali, W. K. B. A. Owiredu

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Comparison of the Immediate Effect between Functional Electrical Stimulation and Ankle Foot Orthoses on Gait Parameters in Cerebral Palsy

Waleed Salah El-Din Mahmoud, Ragab Kamal Elnaggar

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Transviginal Ultrasound Assessment of Normal Ovarian Volume among Women of Reproductive Age in Jos, Nigeria

S. M. Danjem, P. O. Ibinaiye, A. J. Salaam

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Association of Sclerostin with Bone Metabolism and Bone Mineral Density in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Neslihan Soysal-Atile, Bülent Bilir, Betül Uğur-Altun, Betül Ekiz-Bilir, Hüseyin Çelik

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Non-clinical Expectations of Patients in an Oral Healthcare Setup: A Qualitative Research

Mina Pakkhesal, Arezoo Ebn Ahmady, A. Hamid Zafarmand, Maryam Sadeghipour, Nona Attaran

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Behavioral Anatomy of the Celiac Trunk Based on Human Embryology

Mohammed H. Karrar Alsharif, Khalid M. Taha, Abubaker Y. Elamin, Khalid H. Al-Dosari

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