Lunotriquetral Coalition

Ayşe Umul

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In vitro Antisickling Activity of Zingiber officinale Roscoe (Ginger) Methanolic Extract on Sickle Cell Disease

Nessrin Ghazi Alabdallat, Ibrahim A. Adam

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Gingival Depigmentation Using Lasers: A Literature Review

Fatemeh Khalilian, Zahra Nateghi, Noushin Janbakhsh

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The Family Influence on the Gestational Age at Booking among Pregnant Women in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

O. T. Awotunde, I. O. Amole, A. Adeniran, S. A. Adesina, A. O. Durodola, D. A. OlaOlorun, T. A. Awotunde

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Efficacy of Seratrodast, a Thromboxane A2 Receptor Inhibitor in a Double Blind Comparative Clinical Trial with Monteluklast

Bhupesh Dewan, Sanjaykumar Navale, Deepashri Shah

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Molecular Detection of Group A Rotavirus in Children under Five in Urban and Peri-urban Arusha, Tanzania

Elizabeth Gachanja, Joram Buza, Pammla Petrucka

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The Interactive Roles of Some Toxic Metals, Micronutrients, Antioxidant Vitamin and Sex Hormones in Nigerians with Sickle Cell Disease

Funmilola Comfort Oladele, Mabel Ayebatonyo Charles-Davies, Titilola Stella Akingbola, Francis Adebayo Adeniyi

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Comparison of the Effect of Transpalatal Arch on Periodontal Stress and Displacement of Molars When Subjected to Orthodontic Forces. A Finite Element Analysis

M. Sameena Begum, M. R. Dinesh, B. C. Amarnath, R. M. Dharma, C. S. Prashanth, K. S. Akshai Shetty, Varun Pratap Singh

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Support Vector Machine-based Multi-scale Entropy of Curves Recognition for Electrocardiogram Data

Chien-Chih Wang, Cheng-Deng Chang

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Role of Autologous Platelet Derived Growth Factor and Fibrin Rich Plasma in Management of Chronic Non-healing Ulcer–A Pilot Study

Suprava Patel, Piyush Bhargava, V. Jain, O. P. Tucker, P. K. Khodiar, P. K. Patra

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