HCV Extrahepatic Events: Cryoglobulinemic Syndrome – A Case Report in an Over-70-Year Old Patient

Alfonso Merante, Pietro Gareri, Alberto Castagna, Gaetano Russo, Norma Maria Marigliano, Alfonso Ciaccio, Giovanni Ruotolo

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Fatal Superadded Nocardia Infection in a Case of Pulmonary Aspergillosis

R. K. Mahajan, Shweta Sharma, Shukla Das, Arun Wilson, R. S. Tonk

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Combined Spinal-epidural Anesthesia for Hip Fracture Surgery in Two Geriatric Patients with Low Ejection Fractions

Özgür Özmen, Emine Uzlaş Karaman, Duygu Kara, Muhammet Ahmet Karakaya, Zakir Arslan, Fatma Karakoç, Mesut Misirlioğlu

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Detection of Hepatitis E Virus RNA in Chicken Droppings and Pig Feces in Ogun and Lagos States, South Western, Nigeria

E. E. Ogbolu, R. K. Obi

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Evaluation of the Diagnostic Value of Serum Cytokeratin-8 as a Marker of Liver Injury in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients

Maaly M. Mabrouk, Medhat A. Ghazy, Mohamed A. Elrashidy

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Sequential Treatment with Lamivudine and Peg-interferon Therapy in Patients with E-positive Chronic Hepatitis B and High Viral Load

Shou-Wu Lee, Sheng-Shun Yang, Teng-Yu Lee, Hong-Zen Yeh, Chi-Sen Chang

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Hepatocellular Carcinoma Sub-types in North-Central Nigeria: A Histological Review of Liver Biopsies

R. A. Vhriterhire, J. A. Ngbea, B. A. Ojo, O. O. Jegede, A. N. Manasseh, M. D. Ayuba, B. M. Mandong

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The Effect of Parkia Leaf Extract on Cadmium-Induced Cerebral Leison in Wistar Rats

V. O. Makanjuola, O. D. Omotoso, O. B. Fadairo, B. J. Dare, O. P. Oluwayinka, S. A. Adelakun

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Factors Associated with Drug Counterfeit in Nigeria: A Twelve Year Review

Chika F. Ubajaka, Alphonsus C. Obi-Okaro, Obiageli F. Emelumadu, Maureen N. Azumarah, Andrew U. Ukegbu, Samuel O. Ilikannu

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Recent Esthetic Restorations: Reliability and Impact on Antagonists

Elie E. Daou

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