Effect of Group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Compassion Training on Depression: A Study Protocol

Kenichi Asano, Haruna Koike, Hiromi Isoda, Toshihiro Inoue, Kimiko Sato, Akiko Asanuma, Michiko Nakazato, Akiko Nakagawa, Eiji Shimizu, Masaomi Iyo

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Integrins and Reorganization of Osteoclast Cytoskeleton under Orthodontic Force

Jie Feng, Yang Xu, Li Xu, Qiuyue Guan, Zheng Wang, Ding Bai, Xianglong Han

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Frequency of Parent-reported Indicators of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children with Clinical Diagnosis of Adenotonsillar Hypertrophy in Benin City, Nigeria

N. C. Onyeagwara, A. L. Okhakhu, L. O. Onotai

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Transferring High Quality Care of the Elderly into the Clinical Workplace: Barriers and Facilitating Factors

S. Peters, J. De Lepeleire, S. Cortvriendt, C. De Keyser, K. Hoet, B. Janssens, A. Roex

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Improving Cognitive Evaluation and the Diagnosis of Delirium among Elderly Patients Visiting the Emergency Room

Boris Punchik, Yan Press, Yakov Grinshpun, A. Mark Clarfield

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Estimation of the Risk of Cancer Associated with Pediatric Cranial Computed Tomography

O. M. Atalabi, B. I. Akinlade, A. J. Adekanmi

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Scorpion Sting and Acute Kidney Injury: Case Series from Pakistan

Rubina Naqvi

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Doctor-Nurse Conflict in Nigerian Hospitals: Causes and Modes of Expression

Ademola T. Olajide, Michael C. Asuzu, Taiwo A. Obembe

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How Physician Age Affects Surveillance Intensity after Primary Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Akshar Y. Patel, Anit K. Behera, Feng Gao, David G. Mutch, Katherine S. Virgo, Randall K. Gibb, Frank E. Johnson

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Effect of High Normal Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Levels on Lipid Parameters in Non-diabetic Subjects

T. Jaseem, Anupama Hegde, Poornima A. Manjrekar, Chakrapani Mahabala, Sathish Rao, M. S. Rukmini

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