Self-knotting of Nasogastric Tube: Case Report and Review of Literature

Obukowho Lucky Onotai, Ndubuisi Sunny Uyanwanne

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Computational DIO2 rSNP Analysis, Transcriptional Factor Binding Sites and Disease

Norman E. Buroker

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Anti-restenotic Therapies for Peripheral Arterial Disease

Vincent Varghese, Jon C. George

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Retrospective Analysis of Site and Pathological Characteristics of Recurrence in Patients with Adenomatous Colonic Polyps

Elie J. Chahla, Antonio R. Cheesman, Muhammad B. Hammami, Kara Christopher, Christine Hachem

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Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Patients Receiving ATRA with and without Voriconazole Prophylaxis: Effect on Incidence and Outcomes of Differentiation Syndrome

Jason N. Barreto, John C. Kuth, Candy S. Peskey, Ross A. Dierkhising, Naseema Gangat, Mrinal M. Patnaik

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Barriers to Implementation of Facility-based Kangaroo Mother Care for Pre-term and Low Birth Weight Infants in River Nile State, Sudan; 2014

Asma Abdelaal Abdalla, Eman Aljaali Hamid Muhammed Ali

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Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) in Relation to Selected Anthropometric Parameters in Healthy Adult Males of Kumaun Region of India: A Comparative Study

Kumari Poonam, Mehar Bano, Kamlesh Jha, Parveen Bhardwaj

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Seroprevalence of Helicobacter pylori Infection among Asymptomatic Children in Lagos, Nigeria

Quadri Remi, F. O. Olufemi, O. O. Odedara, S. A. Bamiro

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Microbial Agents and Associated Factors of Persistent Diarrhoea in Children Less Than 5 Years of Age in Edo State, Nigeria

Paul Erhunmwunse Imade, Nosakhare Odeh Eghafona

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Role of Free Radicals and Common Antioxidants in Oral Health, an Update

Anil Kumar Nagarajappa, Divya Pandya, Sreedevi ., K. S. Ravi

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