Patients' Satisfaction after Orthognathic Surgery: A Systematic Review

Sepideh Soheilifar, Sara Soheilifar, Mohsen Bidgoli, Elham Sadat Emadian Razavi, Sanaz Soheilifar

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Amniotic Membrane Transplantation: A Good Treatment Option for Refractory Neurotrophic Keratitis

Mahmut Kaya, Zeynep Ozbek

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Cushing’s Disease and High Dose Cabergoline Monotherapy: Rapid and Sustained Clinical and Biochemical Improvement, with Reversal of Diabetes, Hypertension and Infertility

Omayma Elshafie, Nagi Hashim, N. Nicholas Woodhouse

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Clinical Features and Prognostic Significance of Endobronchial Sarcoidosis

H. Yanardag, C. Tetikkurt, M. Bilir, S. Demirci, A. Bakır, M. Åženocak

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Correlation of Body Composition with Pulmonary Function in Adults

Namrata Agarwal, Sandip Meghnad Hulke

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Prevalence of Pain in Family Medicine Clinic of Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso, Nigeria

I. O. Amole, A. O. Durodola, A. Adeniran, O. T. Awotunde, S. A. Adesina

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A Methodological Study: Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the Attitudes towards Cancer Scale

Ummu Kacer Daban, Ozden Dedeli, Sezgi Cinar Pakyuz

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Multiple Laryngeal Polyposis; A Newly Introduced Entity: Update

Shawky Elmorsy, Hazem Amer, Hmt Baz

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Early Pregnancy Maternal Hepatocyte Growth Factor and Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Michal Dishi, Karin Hevner, Chunfang Qiu, Neway G. Fida, Dejene F. Abetew, Michelle A. Williams, Daniel A. Enquobahrie

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The Effect of Different Irrigation Regiments on the Push out Bond Strength of MTA Fillapex Sealer to Dentin

Arushi Agrawal, Bonny Paul, Shiv Mantri, Kavita Dube

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