Effect of Combined Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on Hemodynamic Response, Serum Oxidative Stress Markers and Platelet ATP Synthase Activities in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease: A Pilot Study

José A. Villarruel-Sahagún, Genaro G. Ortiz, Fermín P. Pacheco-Moisés, Evelia Martínez-Cano, Salvador G. Gómez, Efraín Gaxiola-López, Gustavo Marín-Pineda, Pedro G. Fajardo, Erika D. González-Renovato, Sergio A. Sánchez-Luna, Moisés A. Alatorre-Jiménez, Moisés A. Alatorre-Jiménez, Fernando Cortés-Enríquez, Juan P. Sánchez-Luna

Page: 993-1002
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Exploring Patterns and Trends with Selected Cancer Rates Reported by China National Cancer Registry: Alternative Perspectives and Findings

Ting Zhao, Jing Cheng, Jing Chai, Rui Feng, Debin Wang, Yehuan Sun

Page: 896-918
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Comparative Study to Assess Diagnostic Reliability of Ultrasound and 3T-MRCP in Patient of Obstructive Jaundice

Manoher Singh Rathore, Vishakha Rathore, Amit Kumar, Gaurav Kapoor, Neeraj Gour, Deepak Kumar Jain

Page: 919-930
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A Single Institution Study of Attitudes of Primigravidae to Routine Clinical Pelvimetry

T. C. Okeke, J. O. Enwereji, C. I. Onwuka, L. C. Ikeako, C. C. T. Ezenyeaku, S. E. Iferikigwe

Page: 931-936
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Comparative Study between Effect of Simvastatin (5 mg/Kg) and Simvastatin (50 mg/Kg) in an Early Treatment of Experimentally Induced Colitis in Mice

Rania Elkatary, Karawan Abdelrahman, Amal Hassanin, Ahlam I. Elmasry, Amro El Karef

Page: 937-947
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Cytological Findings in Urine of Adult Residents of Urinary Schistosomiasis Endemic Community in Cross River State, Nigeria

P. C. Inyang-Etoh, C. J. Anyanwu, M. I. Udonkang, V. I. Equali

Page: 948-955
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Emergency Room High Index of Suspicion in Apparently Innocent Wounds Can Encounter Missed Tendon Injuries

Zafar Mahmood Khan, Bina Nasim, Tanvir Yadgir, Omer Al Skaf, Ahmed Sajjad, Zulfiqar Ali, G. Y. Naroo

Page: 956-962
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Hepatotoxicity and Genotoxicity of Sodium Arsenite and Cyclophosphamide in Rats: Protective Effects of Aqueous Extract of Adansonia digitata L. Fruit Pulp

Ayodeji M. Adegoke, Michael A. Gbadegesin, Akinbobola P. Otitoju, Oyeronke A. Odunola

Page: 963-974
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Metabolic Syndrome: Modification of the Fatty Acid Composition and Glucose-insulin Homeostasis

Yulia K. Denisenko, Tatyana P. Novgorodtseva, Natalia V. Zhukova, Tatyana A. Gvozdenko, Marina V. Antonyuk, Vera V. Knyshova, Anna V. Nazarenko

Page: 975-987
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Hemoglobin Concentration Level during Pregnancy and Its Association with Birth Weight

Gholamreza Veghari, Shima Kazemi, Masoumeh Bemani, Mansoureh Shabdin

Page: 988-992
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