The Relation between Chronic Aseptic Arthritis and Previous Chlamydia Infection among Middle Aged Iraqi Patients

Asa'ad F. Albayati, Sinan B. Alrifai, Wisal R. Al-Hayali, Dhoha R. Al Taha

Page: 353-361
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Orbital Myositis with Rapid Successful Treatment with Corticosteroids

Syuichi Tetsuka, Asako Tagawa, Tomoko Ogawa, Mieko Otsuka, Ritsuo Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Kato

Page: 362-366
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Evaluation of ‘Wastage Rate’ of Blood and Components – An Important Quality Indicator in Blood Banks

Asitava Deb Roy, Arijit Pal

Page: 348-352
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Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound in the Assessment of the Transitional Zone of Microwave Ablations in an Ex vivo Perfused Liver Model; is It a Useful Tool?

Ahmed Alzaraa, Wen Yuan Chung, Bruno Morgan, Kevin West, David Lloyd

Page: 298-312
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Safety and Efficacy of Prolonged Hydroxycarbamide Administration in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease in Northwestern Greece

Alexandros Makis, Frideriki Koutsouka, Nikolaos Chaliasos, Eleni Kapsali, Evangelos Briasoulis

Page: 313-316
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A Regression Model to Predict Diameter of Mitral Valve Prosthesis Preoperatively: An Aid to Clinical Decision Making

Praveen Sharma, Ankur Joshi, B. S. Yadav, Saket Kale, M. C. Songara

Page: 317-323
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Sero-prevalence of Hepatitis B Infection and Its Risk Factors among Women Admitted for Delivery in Ucth, Calabar, Nigeria

C. U. Iklaki, C. I. Emechebe, B. U. Ago

Page: 324-333
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Infant and Young Child Feeding in Children under-5 Years in Ghana: Key Strategy to Childhood Development

Paschal Awingura Apanga

Page: 343-347
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A Review of Efficacy of Hippotherapy for the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Antonios G. Angoules, Dionysios Koukoulas, Konstantinos Balakatounis, Irene Kapari, Eleni Matsouki

Page: 289-297
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