Nigerian HIV Positive Mother Tested Negative after Fifty-Four Months on HAART

Prosper O. U. Adogu, Kenechukwu C. Okonkwo, Obiageli F. Emelumadu, Chioma A. Ofunnu, Amobi L. Ilika

Page: 1181-1187
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Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Agonist Trigger in a GnRH Antagonist Protocol and Severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Matheus Roque, Marcello Valle, Marcos Sampaio, Selmo Geber

Page: 1188-1192
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Stromal Tumor of the Jejunum Complicated by Hemorrhagic Shock-A Case Report

Y. Fahmi, A. El Bakouri, D. Khaiz, F. Z. Bensardi, K. Hattabi, S. Berrada, R. Lefriyekh, N. Benissa, A. Fadil, N. Zerouali

Page: 1193-1197
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A Novel Solution to Securing Nasogastric Feeding Tubes in Pediatric Burn Patients

Alyssa Brzenski, Bruce Potenza, Jeanne Lee, Mark Greenberg

Page: 1177-1180
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Impact of Health Centre Nurses on the Reduction of Early Childhood Caries in Lima, Peru

Eraldo Pesaressi, Rita S. Villena, Wil J. M. van der Sanden, Jo E. Frencken

Page: 1169-1176
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Pediatric Research Ethics: Islamic Perspectives

Ghiath Alahmad, Kris Dierickx

Page: 1158-1168
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Suicide Research: Problems with Interpreting Results

Said Shahtahmasebi

Page: 1147-1157
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Real-World Observations with Dronedarone Compared to Other Anti-Arrhythmic Drugs in Recurrent Atrial Fibrillation

D. Demarie, F. Orlando, M. Imazio, E. Cerrato, E. Richiardi, R. Belli

Page: 1088-1095
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BisGMA and TEGDMA Elution from Two Flowable Nanohybrid Resin Composites: An In vitro Study

Mithra N. Hegde, Ankita Wali

Page: 1096-1104
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Dengue Infection in Rondônia-Brazil: Epidemiological and Environmental Aspects during 2001-2010 Occurrence

Ana Flávia Costa da Silveira Oliveira, André Silva de Oliveira, Edjon Gonçaves dos Santos, Celso Aparecido da Silva Filho, Eduardo Honda, Andréia Patricia Gomes, Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista, Cynthia Canedo da Silva, Sérgio Oliveira De Paula

Page: 1105-1113
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Radiologic Study of Ischiopubic Index of Urhobos and Itsekiris of Nigeria

G. Sunday Oladipo, K. C. Anugweje, Emoefe Oghenekevwe Rosemary, C. Uzomba Godwin

Page: 1114-1120
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Gender Differences in Obesity Indices in a 10-Year Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Tsan Yang, Chien-An Sun, Yu-Ching Chou, Chia-Hsin Lai, Chun-Chieh Chao, Chao-Hsien Lee, Chi Chang, Ling-Mei Yang

Page: 1121-1130
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Bacteremia in Febrile Children: Its Correlation with Birth Weight, Feeding Practices, Vaccination and Malnutrition

Shammi Kumar Jain, Neeraj Gour, Jayashre Nadkarni, Sneha Bhatia

Page: 1131-1139
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Investigating of Mothers' Behavior Based on the Health Belief Model about Using Iron Supplementation in 6 to 24- Month Old Children in Shahrekord City, Iran

Marziye Reisi, Masoome Alidosti, Elahe Tavassoli, Mehdi Kargar, Ziba Raeesi Dehkordi, Asghar Ashrafi Hafez

Page: 1140-1146
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Dermatoglyphic Patterns of Congenital Lame Adults in a Southern Nigerian Population

E. A. Osunwoke, E. J. Olotu, N. K. Micah

Page: 1083-1087
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