Virtual Colonoscopy is Feasible in Geriatric Patients-A Case Series

J. Gossner

Page: 3615-3619
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Phantom Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in an End Stage Renal Disease Case

Buket Kin Tekce, Hikmet Tekce, Gulali Aktas

Page: 3666-3670
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An Innovative, Reusable Menstrual Cup that Enhances the Quality of Women’s Lives during Menstruation

Alfred Shihata, Steven Brody

Page: 3581-3590
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Electron Beam Irradiation of Resin Luting Agents - a Cytotoxic Evaluation on Dental Pulp Cells

Mithra N. Hegde, S. Shabin, Nidarsh D. Hegde, Shilpa S. Shetty, Suchetha Kumari, Ganesh Sanjeev

Page: 3603-3614
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Comparison of Fentanyl Citrate-midazolam-propofol and Fentanyl Citrate-ketamine Propofol Combinations with Regards to Efficiency and Safety in Sedation Practices for the ERCP

H. Kara, M. Aksun, G. Aran, U. Ozgurbuz, A. Sencan, L. Koroglu, N. Karahan

Page: 3650-3665
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Dermatologic Effects and Management of Urine and Feces on Infant and Adult Skin

Miranda A. Farage, Ghebre Tzeghai, Kenneth W. Miller, Bruce Tepper, Rob O’Connor, Wendy Qin, Mauricio Odio

Page: 3671-3688
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Prevalence of Placental Malaria and Effects on Birth Weight of Neonate of Mothers Who Had Antenatal Care in Maiduguri Metropolitan City, Nigeria

Baba Usman Ahmadu, Chama Rejoice, Halilu Bala Musa, Fatimah Joy Baba, Apollos Nachanuya Chafi, Adzu Yusuf, Elesa Bitrus Evelyn, Baba Kyari Aisha, Yakubu Emmanuel, Zoba Joseph Francis

Page: 3689-3697
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Commercial Drivers’ Participation in the Use of Family Planning Services in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria

K. O. Osungbade, O. O. Akinyemi, T. D. Ojediran

Page: 3698-3719
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Helicopter EMS Transport Outcomes Literature: Annotated Review of Articles Published 2012-2013

Eric J. Lee, Annette O. Arthur, Stephen H. Thomas

Page: 3620-3649
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