Aggressive Angiomyxoma of the Vulva: Libyan Female Case Report

Nuria B. Enesser, Jamela M. Boder, Fathi B. Abdalla

Page: 3432-3439
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Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome: Why Should Hypernatremia be Corrected Slowly? A Case Report

C. Rajasekharan, S. W. Renjith, D. T. Nishanth, Y. M. Naseem, R. Parvathy

Page: 3512-3518
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A Case of Successful Unilateral Singleton Pregnancy in Incidentally Detected Uterine Didelphys

Pratiksha Yadav

Page: 3529-3537
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A Rare Case of Acute Psychosis as an Isolated Manifestation of Extrapontine Myelinolysis

Wan Aliaa Wan Sulaiman, Fan Kee Hoo, Hamidon Basri, Shariful Hasan, Sazlyna Mohd Sazlly Lim, Yoke Loong Foo, Siew Mooi Ching, Ramachandran Vasudevan, Mohd Hazmi Mohamed, Hasnur Zaman Hashim

Page: 3554-3560
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The Implementation of an Effective Aerobic Walking Program Based on Ottawa Panel Guidelines for Older Individuals with Mild to Moderate Osteoarthritis: A Participant Exercise Preference Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial Protocol Design

Laurianne Loew, Glen P. Kenny, Natalie Durand-Bush, Stéphane Poitras, George A. Wells, Lucie Brosseau

Page: 3491-3511
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Prognostic Factors and Treatment Outcome in Glial Brain Tumors; Data from the Third Neuro-oncology Scientific Club’s Input Forum, 2013, Mashhad, Iran

K. Anvari, G. Bahadorkhan, H. Etemad-Rezaie, M. Silanian-Toussi, S. Nekooei, F. Samini, M. Ehsaie, F. Motlagh Pirooz, A. Safaie Yazdi, A. Taghizadeh Kermani, R. Salek, G. Nowferesti, S. Zahed Anaraki, F. Varshoee Tabrizi, M. Mirsadraee, A. Rafati, H. Alipour Tabrizi, H. Baharvahdat, M. Gholamin, M. Dayani, F. Bidouei, M. Fazl Ersi, M. Sadeghi-Ivari, L. Nafarieh, M. Afarid, M. Torabi-Nami

Page: 3538-3553
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Incidence of Intoxication in Karabuk (Turkey) in 2013

M. Arıkan, V. Temel, M. Acat, O. Arıkan, M. Koc, B. Aydoslu

Page: 3406-3414
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Antimicrobial Properties of Purified Bacteriocins Produced from Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus fermentum against Selected Pathogenic Microorganisms

F. A. Adebayo, O. R. Afolabi, A. K. Akintokun

Page: 3415-3431
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Physicians' Perspectives Toward Shared Decision Making in Developing Countries

Mohammad Ali Haj Ebrahimi, Sakineh Hajebrahimi, Hadi Mostafaie, Fariba Pashazadeh, Ahmad Hajebrahimi

Page: 3458-3464
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Effects of the Methanol Root Extract of Cissampelos mucronata A. Rich on the Kidney and Liver of Rats- a Histological and Biochemical Study

S. H. Garba, T. W. Jacks, P. A. Onyeyili, H. A. Nggada

Page: 3465-3477
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Adherence to Lifestyle Modifications among Adult Hypertensive Nigerians with Essential Hypertension in a Primary Care Clinic of a Tertiary Hospital in Resource-poor Environment of Eastern Nigeria

Gabriel Uche Pascal Iloh, Agwu Nkwa Amadi, Godwin Oguejiofor Chukwuebuka Okafor, Augustine Obiora Ikwudinma, Frances Udoka Odu, Ezinne Uchamma Godswill-Uko

Page: 3478-3490
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Effects of Body Mass Index and Age on Prostate Specific Antigen: A Study on Men Attending a Tertiary Hospital in Ghana

Richard K. D. Ephraim, Deric Baah-Asinor, Derick N. M. Osakunor, Billy Osei-Acheampong, Emmanuel Diabor, Justice Afrifa, David L. Simpong

Page: 3519-3528
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Brain Derived Neurotrophic Growth Factor and Cognitive Function in Children with Iron Deficiency Anemia

M. F. Nassar, N. T. Younis, J. F. Nassar, S. E. El-Arab, B. M. Mohammad

Page: 3561-3570
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Influence of Flaxseed on Some Biochemical Factors, Antioxidant Activity and Expression of ABCG5 and ABCG8 Genes in the Liver of Diabetic Rat

Abbas Mohammadi, Nejad Mohammadi, Nader Najafi, Kazem Hasanpoor, Ramezan Ali Taheri, Farhad oubari, Ebrahim Abbasi Oshaghi

Page: 3571-3580
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