Parallel Group Comparison of the Effects on Skin Condition of Two Antimicrobial Hand Wash Products

J. Djokic-Gallagher, P. Rosher, J. Walker, K. Sykes, V. Hart

Page: 1628-1640
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Severe Cognitive Dysfunction and Occupational Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Exposure among Elderly Mexican Americans

Zoreh Davanipour, Chiu-Chen Tseng, Pey-Jiuan Lee, Kyriakos S. Markides, Eugene Sobel

Page: 1641-1662
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Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Brushless Surgical Hand Preparation Techniques Using Antiseptic Soap, Alcohol and Non-medicated Soap

Mohammed Al-Biltagi, Jameel Al-Ata, Asif A. Jiman-Fatani, Abdullah Sindy, Abdullah Alghamdi, Abdulhameed Basabrain, Abdulrahman Alsabban, Ahmad Jefri, Ahmad Alzomity

Page: 1663-1671
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Assessment of Antiretroviral Effects of a Synthetic Aluminum-magnesium Silicate

Maduike CO. Ezeibe, Augustine A. Ngene, Idika K. Kalu, Ikenna O. Ezeh, Ijeoma J. Mbuko, Jonathan O. Ekwuruke, Ifeanyi Anene, Bridget Amechi, Peter Olowoniyi, Idika F. Ifekwe

Page: 1672-1679
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The Multifaceted Effects of Vitamin D and Its Potential Contribution to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kayo Masuko

Page: 1680-1690
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Porphyria Cutanea Tarda and HFE Gene Mutations in Argentina

Colombo Federico, Martínez Javier, Varela Laura, Gerez Esther, Méndez Manuel, Batlle Alcira, V. Rossetti María, E. Parera Victoria

Page: 1691-1700
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Complicated Fracture and Resorption of an Osteochondroma

Nikolaos K. Sferopoulos

Page: 1719-1728
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Bacteremia in a Multilevel Geriatric Hospital, Second Look 5 Years Later

Lubart Emily, Kornitsky Ruslan, Dan Michael, Natan R. Kahan, Segal Refael, Leibovitz Arthur

Page: 1729-1738
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Nutritional Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Predominantly Female Preschool Teachers: Effect of Educational Intervention

S. Y. Shaaban, M. F. Nassar, R. H. Shatla, S. M. Deifallah, D. Marzouk, W. I. Abogabal

Page: 1739-1749
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Histochemical Investigation of Cyanogenic Toxicity in the Thyroid Epithelial Cells and Follicles of Thyroid Gland in Adult Female Wistar Rats

T. D. Adeniyi, R. A. Bejide, O. M. Ogundele, O. B. Akinola

Page: 1750-1762
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Association of Angiotensin-I-Converting Enzyme (ACE) Insertion/Deletion Gene Polymorphism with End Stage Renal Disease in Egyptian Patients

A. F. AbdeL-Aziz, Afaf EL-Saeed, Khaled EL-Dahshan, Basma AL-Sayed Ebead

Page: 1763-1771
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Periodontal Treatment Needs and Oral Ulceration in Children and Adolescents with Celiac Disease

Reem H. Dababneh, Ruwaida Hijazeen

Page: 1772-1782
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Wolf-parkinson-white Syndrome-current Concepts in Anesthetic Practice

Vijay Mathur, Sameer Kapoor, Birbal Baj

Page: 1604-1611
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Static Magnetic Field Effect on Cardiovascular Regulation: A Review

Juraj Gmitrov

Page: 1612-1627
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Biomarkers in Medicine: An Overview

Ezzatollah Fathi, Seyed Alireza Mesbah-Namin, Raheleh Farahzadi

Page: 1701-1718
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