Bormusov Elvira in 1986 has protected theses for Ph.D. Sciences at the Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases Helmholz ( Pathological Physiology , Histology and Embryology) The use of low-frequency U.S. ENKAD in toxic injury of rabbit ocular tissues , studies of its effect on the metabolism of the cornea and lens epithelium of animals of different ages. She worked at the Odessa Medical Institute , Central Research Laboratory . Since 1987, Medicine Research Institute Senior Researcher transport. Toxicometric, physiological, biochemical tests, allergenic and neurotoxic effects of paints , varnishes and their impact on the individual components of organisms white rats. Anatomy Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine Senior Researcher 2002-present and Cell Biology and The Lloyd Rigler Sleep Apnea Research Laboratory Technion, Haifa, Israel. The study of electromagnetic radiation ( cell phone ), high oxygen load and high temperature , diabetes , smoking tobacco on bovine lens epithelium (in vitro ) and the protection of their antioxidants.and the project of researches of effect of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) on plaque human formation.