Os Acromiale-unusual Manifestation as Superior Spur and Bursitis-A Case Report

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A. Raviraj
Vidyasagar Maalepati
K. Abhishek Sugumar
Vivek Kumar N. Savsani
Ajith K. Prabhu
Ashish Anand


An Os acromiale is a condition that results from the failure of fusion of the anterior acromial apophysis. It can be asymptomatic. It can also result in subacromial impingement and rotator cuff tear. In this case report of a 39 year-old lady we would like to present the management of the painful bursitis and spur formation on the superior surface of a meso-type of os acromiale. Conservative management in the form of rest, anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy did not provide symptomatic relief. Patient then underwent surgical excision of the superior spur. Open reduction and internal fixation was not carried out. Patient had resolution of pain and no recurrence of symptoms or features of impingement at 6 months follow up. To the best of our knowledge there are limited reports in English literature about this rare subset of patients with symptomatic os acromiale with superior spur formation and with no features of impingement or cuff pathology.

Superior spur, bursitis, acromial apophysis, anti-inflammatory drugs.

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Raviraj, A., Maalepati, V., Sugumar, K. A., Savsani, V. K. N., Prabhu, A. K., & Anand, A. (2019). Os Acromiale-unusual Manifestation as Superior Spur and Bursitis-A Case Report. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 31(2), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/jammr/2019/v31i230284
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