Total Quality Management (TQM) of the Clinical Laboratory; Improving Patient Care

Tunji Akande

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Work Absenteeism amongst Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Health Institution in Sokoto, Nigeria

M. O. Oche, R. A. Oladigbolu, J. T. Ango, N. C. Okafoagu, U. M. Ango

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Mortality among Preterm Babies in a Resource-poor Setting: What Time is Crucial?

Tinuade A. Ogunlesi, Victor A. Ayeni

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Reduction in Jejunal Fluid Absorption In vivo through Distension and Cholinergic Stimulation Not Attributable to Enterocyte Secretion

M. L. Lucas, H. L. Kenward, P. C. Watson, S. R. Sabir, C. J. R. Turkington, P. Tainsh, S. McColl, V. S. Graham, E. McNaughton

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Dengue in a Municipality with High Human Development Index. SP, Brazil

Leonor de Castro Monteiro Loffredo, Rodolpho Telarolli Júnior, Walter Manso Figueiredo, Bruno Lian Sartore Segantini, Christian Wagner Maurencio, Fabiano Santos Galego, João Ramalho Borges, Társis Eschaquetti Benevides

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Human Development Index and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

L. A. R. Takahashi, D. T. Cardial, I. L. Argani, L. R. R. Arnoni, V. N. Cury, L. F. A. C. C. Silva, A. O. Júnior, S. D. F. Borato

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Evaluation of Pastorex Staph Plus Rapid Agglutination Test to Confirm Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Clinical Specimens in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Dipmala Das, Pritam Gupta, Ankana Chakraborty, K. K. Haldar

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