Emergency Readiness in Primary Health Care – A Case Study of Seven Health Centers with Family Medicine Residents in Guyana

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Tariq Azar Jagnarine


Objectives: To understand emergency response in primary health care, to investigate the frequency and status of emergency preparedness at seven healthcare centres in Guyana with Family Residents.

To enquire if the seven centres are equipped with human and other resources to respond to emergencies and to suggest measures to improve emergency responses at the seven centres.

Design and Method: This study was based on a case-study research. The sample population consisted of 39 Family Residents and other Doctors whose experience with emergency preparedness at the facilities were analysed. Nurses, non-medical personnel and other staff at the Centres under study were excluded. The period of study was for one fiscal year- January-December 2018. Questionnaires were utilized as the primary research instrument and data was analyzed using SPPSS 23.

Results: Emergency cases were very frequent 69,4 % of the respondents indicated that emergency cases were frequent with 1-3 cases per week. The most common emergencies were asthmatic attacks, chest pain and severe trauma and lacerations. Most of the respondents have 3-5 years of medical experience while 72% been fully registered. The study shows 88.9% of the respondents indicating that there are no existing emergency protocols at the centres and 5.6% conducted case simulations.

Conclusion: There exist a need to better integrate and mainstream optimally emergency medical response at the seven centres. The centres are not prepared with the necessary drugs and equipment to respond to emergencies.

Recommendation: The study recommends making the necessary equipment and drugs, support facilities and training readily available at the Centres to respond to emergencies. Further studies are necessary.

Emergency readiness, primary health care, family medicine

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Jagnarine, T. A. (2019). Emergency Readiness in Primary Health Care – A Case Study of Seven Health Centers with Family Medicine Residents in Guyana. Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, 30(12), 5-6. https://doi.org/10.9734/jammr/2019/v30i1230254
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